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Drive Test- Using a Personal Vehicle

There is NO additional charge to use our S.O.D.E. Inc. vehicle 

The Criteria Below MUST Be Met

**It is the examiner's discretion if the vehicle passes the equipment check qualifications.  If the customer's vehicle does not meet the qualifications, the customer has the option to test in a S.O.D.E., Inc. vehicle or forfeit the test fee and the appointment time.


Customer must provide:

*Proof of the following:

              1. Current/ valid registration paperwork issued by the DMV. MUST have paper copy.

*MUST bring original registration card to the appointment. Without it we can't test in your vehicle. 

*Proof of car insurance including:

   1. company name, policy #, and expiration date 

*Must bring a digital (must be in vehicle during the drive test) or paper copy to the appointment.

***We can't accept the card title or bill of sale***

YOUR vehicle MUST have the following equipment:

1. BRAKE LIGHTS- both must work

2. HORN- must be audible for 20ft


4. Operable passenger DOOR HANDLE inside and out

5. Proper PASSENGER SEAT securely fixed to the car body beside the driver 

6. Operable seat belts for both the driver and passenger

7. Tires must be in good condition 

8. NO obstructions- signs, posters, adhesive film, glaze application, extensive window/ windshield cracks, and anything else that impairs the vision of the driver or examiner

9. TURN SIGNALS that work in the front and back

10. The vehicle must have operational equipment items if the weather conditions warrant use:

*HEADLIGHTS and TAILLIGHTS in working order

*WINDSHIELD WIPERS in working order


*DEFROSTER in working order

The following is NOT allowed during the drive test:

1. DISTRACTIONS must be turned off during the test such as: stereos, CB radios, radar detectors, cell phones, televisions, and navigation systems. 

*anything on the front dash or back window ledge MUST be affixed to the dash and not obstructing the view

*no objects hanging from the rearview mirror that obstruct vision


3. CONTRABAND- use of/ open alcohol containers, drugs or drug paraphernalia

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