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Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Test Q & A:

Q: Where do I find my Oregon Customer Number?
A: Your Oregon Customer Number is your permit number, State ID number, or the number found on your knowledge test receipt across from your name. See image below.

Q: What does the test fee cover?
A: The cost covers ONE drive test. If you fail your test, you'll need to schedule a new appointment and pay again. When you pass, you'll need to go to the DMV after and pay their licensing fee to be issued your license.

Q: Can I use a S.O.D.E. Inc. vehicle for my Drive Test?
A: Yes, our company vehicles are always ready for a customer to use during their Drive Test at no additional charge. Our vehicles are automatic 4 door sedans (such as Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion)

Q: What is on the Drive Test?
A: Everything in the Oregon Driver Manual is potentially on the test. We are not permitted to discuss what is on the test. Click here to review the Oregon DMV Driver manual.
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Permit example.jpg
Customer ID#
Knowledge test receipt.jpg

Knowledge Test Receipt

Customer ID#
Driver Manual Cover Page.png
Driver Manual Cover Page Spanish.png

Driver Education Q & A:

Q: Why is the price different for students 18+ years old OR already licensed?
A: Our Driver Education Course is actually $710. The State of Oregon give us a $210 grant for each student who passes who is under the age of 18. We pass that savings on to our customers who are under 18, making the course only $500 for 15-17 year olds.

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