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Bob is the founder of S.O.D.E. and has been an educator of driving instruction for nearly 30 years.  He was a certified public school teacher, most recently at McLoughlin Middle School, with twenty years of special education experience and recently retired in order to place all of his focus on Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc.  Bob is committed to the instruction of youth and adults to ensure our roads are safe and drivers have a lifetime of crash-free driving.  He enjoys working with the community and thrives on their success.  When not working, Bob enjoys spending time with his family.

Bob Jones - Owner, Senior Training Instructor & Third Party DMV Examiner


Helen Jones - Owner, Administrator & Classroom Instructor


Helen has the heart of a teacher and is passionate about educating our teens and keeping them safe on the roads.  She is currently serving her second 3 year term on the Driver Education Advisory Committee for ODOT - Traffic Safety Division.  Prior to teaching driver education, she was a certified middle school teacher.  In addition, she has been a swim instructor for 30+ years.  She also enjoys volunteering at her church facilitating small groups of teens.  When not teaching she enjoys hiking and exploring with her husband, 8 daughters and their families.

Doug Reed - Instructor, Third Party DMV Examiner & Trainer of Trainers


Doug has taught high school math and science for more than 20 years.  He began his career in Southern California before moving with his wife and four children to the Rogue Valley in 2007.  He has always enjoyed working with teens and is excited to have been with the S.O.D.E., Inc. family since Fall 2014.  Doug has been a State "Trainer of Trainers" teaching new driver education instructors for the last few years.

Tim Rupp - Driver Ed Supervisor, Instructor & Third Party DMV Examiner


Tim grew up in the Rogue Valley and has been in the field of education for 26 years, both as a teacher and an administrator.  He got his first taste of driver education working in Roseburg in the 1990's and has always been interested in teaching students how to be safe drivers.  He is excited to be a part of the S.O.D.E., Inc. team of excellent instructors and to be providing a meaningful and engaging curriculum to students. 

Lorenzo Ridley - Instructor & Third Party DMV Examiner


Lorenzo is a unique and passionate young man with a go-getter spirit to match.  He has one year of Logistics Education at the University of Anchorage, Alaska and has started his own part-time delivery business in Medford, OR.  He has a natural gift for teaching and enjoys helping others.  Teaching for S.O.D.E., Inc. is his first teaching experience in a professional teaching setting, and with his amount of confidence he knows he will prove his self-worth and make S.O.D.E., Inc. proud.

Michael Gomez - Instructor & Third Party DMV Examiner

michael pic.jpeg

Michael has been a driving instructor for a total of 5 years. Some of that time was spent instructing in southern California, where he was born and lived for most of his life. He  began working for S.O.D.E., Inc. in the summer of 2020. He is passionate about teaching people to be considerate, responsible and capable drivers. Michael teaches safe driving techniques in the classroom and behind the wheel.  His cheerful personality puts people at ease while working as a Third Party DMV Examnier and an instructor.

Dan Clark - Third Party DMV Examiner 


Dan has been  a driver education instructor for several years and is now employed as a Third Party DMV Examiner with S.O.D.E., Inc..  He is currently conducting Third Party DMV drive tests in our Hillsboro location. 

Amber Martinez - Instructor


Amber was born and raised in the Rogue Valley.  She graduated RCC with a criminal justice degree, and an AAOT in Psychology. She transfered to University of Oregon and finished her bachelor degree in Sociology.  She began counseling  troubled youth in a group home and later decided on a career change. When offered the opportunity to work with youth teaching driver education, she jumped at the opportunity and immediately fell in love. Helping young adults and teaching life skills has always been a passion and she is excited to put all her skills into action. Being part of S.O.D.E has been a blessing while teaching youth driving skills and making the roads safer, one student at a time. 

Douglas Park- Third Party DMV Examiner

D.Park Badge Photo.jpg

Douglas is currently conducting Third Party DMV drive tests in our Roseburg location. 

Lily Morgan - Instructor


Bio coming soon

Greg Nichols - Third Party DMV Examiner


Bio coming soon

Lindsey Blesse - Instructor


Bio coming soon 

Angela - Office Manager
Carissa- Driver Ed Coordinator
Patrice- Administrative Assistant

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Angela - Bio coming soon

Carissa- Bio coming soon

Employment Opportunities -
Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc. is always looking for top quality individuals with a strong commitment to customer service and people who enjoy teaching. 
Send your resume to: or give us a call (541)499-0132.

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