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A Driver Ed. Parent

My daughter just finished the online and written portion of the driver's ed class and is still working on the driving portion.  I just wanted to take a moment to say:  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

She has learned so much and your program is truly worth every penny.  The program is so thorough and concise - even I have learned from it!  I feel even more confident sending her out into the world driving, knowing that you've prepared her the most she possibly can be.

I have overheard the Zoom sessions and have been so impressed.  My husband commented that he would have been interested to sit there with her and learn.  I love the "team" teaching aspect... all of the teachers working together to help and get it all done from the tech to the actual lessons and holding the kids responsible for paying attention.  I think the school districts could really learn from you how to make Zoom learning successful, interesting and engaging.  A huge thank you to the teachers who worked so hard especially to Mr. Reed & Mr. Rupp for leading.  It also makes a difference that these are real high school teachers and parents too.

Overall, a very well run program, even in these crazy times! 


Randy Schoen, Retired Medford Police Chief

   "I would highly recommend your class to any parent looking to give their son or daughter a great foundation as a new Oregon Driver.  You did a great Job with our son and I learned some new things as well.  Enrolling our son, Ian, into a driver's education course was a "no brainer" and a great investment to help him in his development in becoming a good driver.  During our practice drives I had Ian tell me what he was doing with the car and why.  I was impressed as he described; turning points, lane positioning, steering control, following, and stopping distances, driving laws, searching and scanning, speed control and etc.  Driving is one of the most important responsibilities a teenager could have.  As a police officer for over 30 years I have personally witnessed the tragedies involving poor decision making involving young and inexperienced drivers.  Statistically we know disproportionately how many serious and/or fatal accidents our teenagers will be involved in every year.  Every teenage driver should be required to take a State Certified Driver's Education Course."

Lynn Faust, School Teacher

    "It was money well spent for the safety of our child and others on the road.  We didn't feel our son was quite ready to get his license with just the minimal amount of hours driving required by the State, so we decided to give him a head start with Southern Oregon Driver Education.  We immediately saw an improvement while driving with him.  He became more confident.  After taking the course, he had no problem taking his written test and driving test."

Dr. James Savage, Oral Surgeon

    "I would highly recommend the Southern Oregon Driver Education program and will recommend it to my friends.  This comprehensive program prepares young drivers for all the situations they may soon be facing and is taught by an instructor with many years of experience in the field.  The course is a great bargain when I consider the peace of mind I have knowing that my daughter has been properly instructed by a professional.  I definitely intend to enroll my younger children as they reach driving age."

Robert B., Private Lessons' Client

     "I am an older driver and I recently completed some private driving lessons with Robert Jones.  Thanks to his help, I passed the DMV Drive Test the first time! Obviously, over the years, one develops some bad driving habits that are hard to break.  Good coaching will help to alleviate the initial nervousness of taking a driving test, which in my case, I haven't taken since I was 16.  Due to Robert's skillful coaching, I feel like I am a better and safer driver.

Hancock Forest Management, Corporate Client

     "The instructor was very, professional, and practical in his approach to the training.  Overall, staff thought it was very useful information and wondered why some of us had not been exposed to it a long time ago.  I would not hesitate to recommend the course to interested parties and would even think about it as a refresher in the future."

Leslie R., Former Student

     Leslie wrote a special note of thanks to Bob (S.O.D.E. Instructor). "I got my license last week!  I never could have done it without you.  As you know my anxiety and fear stood in my way for many years.  With unwavering confidence in me and patience you somehow managed to get me on the road and gain the self confidence I needed to keep going. I can't ever thank you enough or explain how much it means to me.  I can only imagine how blessed your students have been over the years to have you as a teacher.  You have a gift.  Happy New Year and Thank you again."


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