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By registering in a Driver Education Course with S.O.D.E. Inc., you agree to all of these Terms & Conditions

1. Registration & Enrollment

1.a. The first step for a beginning driver is to acquire the Learner's permit from the Oregon DMV. Once the driver has acquired their permit then you can register for a driver ed course. You CANNOT register prior to obtaining your permit. You MUST enter the student's permit number, issued date, and expiration date at time of registration. Failure to do so will result in an automatic drop. A refund will be issued minus the $50 registration fee


1.b. The student’s permit must be valid at time of registration and through the end of the completion of the course. The physical permit must be in the student's possession during all behind the wheel drives. An invalid permit will result in a drop from the course without refund or transfer. No exceptions.


1.c. To register: Check our website regularly. We will post information about upcoming course(s) and when registration will open. ​

1.c.1. A link will be posted on our website the day registration opens.​

1.c.2. PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and is first come first serve. Spots fill quickly.


1.d. Our Driver Ed Course is ONLY for those under the age of 20 (15-20 years old) whom have a valid Oregon permit. No exceptions.


1.e. Once we’ve reached the maximum number of registrations for a course, the registration link will be closed and no more will be accepted.


1.e. Once the maximum number of students for the waitlist is reached, the link will be closed. You will be notified if a spot opens. Only complete registrations forms and payment will be added to the session or the session’s waitlist. 


1.f. Payment is due at time of registration. Your registration is not complete without a complete registration form AND full payment. 


1.g. At least three weeks before the session starts, there will be a Mandatory Parent Meeting. (see section 4 for more details)

2. Course Fees & Charges

2.a. The fee for students who are 15-17 years old (y.o) through the end of a session is $500.

2.a.1. A 15-17 y.o. student may receive the scholarship rate of $425 with proof of qualifying for SNAP or free/reduced lunch within the past 6 months. You will be required to pay the full $500 at the time of registration. Once the proof of qualification is received, you'll be refunded $75 to the card you registered with. 

2.a.2 The parent/guardian agrees to pay an additional fee of $210 if the student turns 18 before completion of the course OR obtains their license on their own prior to the successful completion of the course.   

2.b. The fee for students who are 18-20 years old during or before the end date of their completed course is $710.

2.b.1. If the student turns 18 during the course, before successfully completing (passing) their final written exam and their final drive assessment, an additional fee of $210 will be incurred and is due immediately.

2.b.2. Students 18+ will also be required to take a DMV drive test after the course in order to obtain their driver license (this is separate service and fee and not a part of the course). (for more details, see section 7, “ODOT Card / Course Completion”)

2.c. The course fee includes a non-refundable $50 registration fee. Any eligible refunds (see section 3) will be processed minus the $50 registration fee. Refunds can take up to 7-10 business days. 

2.d. Additional fees include:

2.d.1. LESS THAN 24HRS CANCELATION FEE $25: If students do not attend a drive and do not notify the drive instructor or office at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled drive, there will be a $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee.

2.d.2. NO PERMIT AT BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVE FEE $25: If a student shows up to a behind-the-wheel drive without their permit, the drive will be cancelled, and the $25 cancelation/rescheduling fee assessed to the student who didn’t have their permit. The drive instructor will reschedule the drive with both drive students at that time.

2.d.3. EXCESSIVE RESCHEDULING FEE $25: This fee is incurred after a student or parent has already rescheduled twice (any of the six drives, no matter how much notice is given). Each instance (starting with the 3rd rescheduling) will result in a $25 fee.

2.d.4. PRIVATE LESSONS $110/hr: Students who require additional driving lessons outside the six drives included in the course will need to pay an additional $110/hour for each private lesson. 

2.d.5. COURSE RETAKE FEE: Students who retake the course are required to pay the full $710 course fee, no matter their age.

2.d.6. REASSESS FEE $40: The 6th and final BTW drive is a drive assessment based on all the skills they’ve learned in the course. It must be passed within 30 days of the first scheduled 6th BTW drive in order to successfully complete (pass) the course. Re-assessments scheduled within the 30 days incur no fee. (See section 6 for more details about BTW drives.)


2.d.6.1. Each re-assessment needed after the 30 days will incur a $40 fee.  

2.d.6.2. Per ODOT requirements: students are required to complete (pass) their final drive assessment within 180 days of the first class of their course. If there is an extreme situation that would prevent the BTW drive assessment to be completed within 180 days, please contact our office as soon as the situation arises in order to discuss options. 


2.e. Students who fail to complete their initial course are required to pay the full $710 registration fee before repeating the course.

3. Drops, Refunds, & Other Fee Policies

3.a. If a student drops before the drop date of that course, a refund will be issued minus the $50 registration fee.

3.b. No refunds or transfers will be issued if a student drops any time after the drop date of the course you registered for. 

3.b.1. This drop date is typically two-weeks before the first class and is listed in the Class Schedule for each session.

3.c. Suspension, expulsion, or failing the course for any reason will result in fee forfeiture. No refund or transfer will be issued. 

3.d. Students dropped by the office for failure to attend after the course begins (see section 5 & 6 for more details) will not be refunded or transferred to another course. 

4. Mandatory Parent Meeting

4.a. The Mandatory Parent Meeting will be held via Zoom.  The link will be emailed a week before the meeting date. The email address submitted in the registration form will be used. If you use your student’s email, make sure to check your student’s email (including junk/spam folder). Please call our office ASAP if you don't receive the email. REMINDER: Office hours are 10-4 M-F


4.b. Mandatory Parent Meetings are typically three weeks before the course starts. This date is given to you before you register, it is published with the session dates, and posted on our website under, “Class Schedule.”

4.b.1. Mark your calendar and make arrangements for a parent or guardian to attend this required meeting.

4.c. Failure to attend the Mandatory Parent Meeting for any reason will result in an automatic drop from the course (including those on the waitlist). Attendance is taken based on Zoom screen name (we ask that you change the zoom screen name to have your name AND your student's name).  

4.c.1. A refund will be issued minus the $50 registration fee. This can take up to 7-10 business days. 

4.d. Students are invited & encouraged to attend the meeting. The camera must remain on the entire meeting.

4.d.1. If the camera is not on, only the parent will receive credit for attending.

5. In-Session Policies & Procedures

5.a. Each student will receive a copy of “The Keys to Teaching the Skills of Driving” student booklet and the Playbook on the first day of class.  It is recommended that parents/guardians read through it with their students.

5.b. ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) requires students have a total of 42 hours of driver training/education:

5.b.1. 30 classroom hours. During the school year, classes are twice a week for six weeks. Summer courses are 4 days of class per week for three weeks.

5.b.2. 12 hours behind-the-wheel (BTW): 6 drives, 2 hours each (each drive is 1 hour of driving plus 1 hour of observing). These are usually scheduled once a week for 6 consecutive weeks but could potentially be scheduled every other week due to instructor shortage. Each BTW drive is scheduled with two students (your student and another student from the course) and an Instructor. 

5.c. ODOT attendance requirements:

5.c.1. ODOT requires attendance at all 12 classes, at least 30 hours in the classroom.

5.c.1.1. The student’s driver ed course will not be considered complete until all 30 hours are complete.

5.c.1.2. The first two classes cannot be missed for any reason. The student will be dropped. No exceptions (see 5.c.3 for more details).

5.c.1.3. S.O.D.E., Inc. does not allow a student to miss ANY class or BTW. If a student does miss a class or BTW due to extreme unforeseen circumstance, the class(es) and BTW must be made-up in upcoming courses which prolongs the completion of the course.

5.c.1.3.1. If a student is tardy, the classroom Instructor will work with them to make up time before or after future classes.

5.c.1.3.2.  If an entire class is missed, the class can only be made-up during a future course (ONLY excused absence per S.O.D.E. Inc. policy). You're responsible for scheduling make up class(s) with the classroom instructor.

5.c.2. ODOT requirements state the first BTW drive must occur after the forth hour and before the tenth hour of class (see section 6, “Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Drives” for more information)

5.c.3. Should a student not be able to attend the first two class and/or the first BTW drive for any reason, the student will be dropped from the course with no refund or transfer. No exceptions. 

5.d. S.O.D.E. Inc. requires all students complete the coursework for that course by the time the following course is completed.  Example: If enrolled in Spring Session, student must be complete by the end of the first Summer Session.​

5.e. S.O.D.E. Inc. provides auto insurance coverage for students while driving in our education vehicles only.  The student is required to drive at least 5 additional practice hours outside of class with a parent/guardian who has insurance coverage on his/her personal vehicle during the course. A signed 5 Hour Parent Involvement form must be submitted before an ODOT card is released.  5 practice hours is the minimum, however for the student's success, we highly recommend at least 10 - 15 hours of practice with a parent or other adult.

5.f. A summer driver education course shall not be completed in fewer than 35 days from the first class of that course.

5.g. As a "refresher" all students who have successfully completed S.O.D.E., Inc's ODOT approved driver education course, are permitted to attend any later classroom portion at NO CHARGE. Parent or Student must contact our office to make these arrangements. 

6. Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Drives

6.a. A link to the BTW drive time signups will be emailed the day after the Mandatory Parent Meeting only to all those who attended.

6.a.1. BTW drive times will be two-hour blocks, once a week for six weeks unless otherwise specified ahead of time by the office and/or Instructor. Occasionally these drives are scheduled every other week due to instructor shortage. 

6.a.2. BTW drive times will be the same time, place, and Drive Instructor each drive– any changes will come from the Drive Instructor or the office.

6.a.3. ODOT requirements state the first BTW drive must occur after the fourth hour and before the tenth hour of class.

6.a.3.1. This means students cannot miss the first two classes of a course for any reason and will be dropped for failure to attend.

6.a.3.2. Students cannot miss the first scheduled BTW drive and will be dropped for failure to attend.

6.a.3.3. Should they not be able to attend the first two classes and/or the first BTW drive, the student will be dropped with no refund or transfer. No exceptions.


6.b. Assigned BTW drive partners, times, and locations are final for the full six weeks of the course.

6.b.1. RESCHEDULING & POSTPONING: If, for any reason (conflicts, illness, etc.), a student needs to reschedule their BTW drive, they need to connect with their drive partner and Drive Instructor to find a mutually agreed-upon time. The Drive Instructor has full discretion to approve or reject proposed changes.

6.b.2. Excessive rescheduling, starting with the 3rd instance, will result in a $25/instance rescheduling fee for each instance.

7. ODOT Card/Course Completion Certificate

7.a. Students who are between 15-17 y.o. are eligible to receive an “ODOT card” upon successful completion of all course requirements and fees.

7.a.1. Students must have passed all course exams and the BTW drive assessment with an 80% or highter (see section 5 & 6 for these details)

7.a.2. Any missed time must be made up – the ODOT card will not be issued until at least 30 hours of classroom time have been completed. The classroom Instructor will give students their options in accordance with ODOT rules.

7.a.3. An ODOT card will not be issued if the 5 Hour Parent Involvement form hasn't been turned in. 

7.b. Students who are 18-20 y.o. may request a paper course completion certificate, which can serve as proof for insurance companies.

7.c. What is the significance of an ODOT card?

7.c.1. Once a teen is at least 16 y.o. and completed all requirements of the course, they can go directly to the DMV with their ODOT card to obtain their driver license and are not required to take any addition DMV tests.

7.c.1.1. An ODOT card removes a student’s requirement to take a DMV drive test before being issued their driver license.

7.c.1.2. This card serves as the “course completion certificate” for students 15-17 y.o. Many insurance companies offer benefits with a “course completion certificate” – you need to check with your insurance company to see what they offer.

7.c.1.3. Your ODOT card is valid for 2 years. DON'T throw it away once you obtain your license. (The DMV doesn't take this card. It is yours to keep)

7.c.1.4. There is a $25 replacement fee if you lose or throw away your card.

A Grievance Form is provided on our "Forms" page that can be submitted to the DMV.



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