Scholarship Info:

S.O.D.E. is happy to announce an amazing scholarship program that grants a fee discount.  Students qualify for a $75 Low/No income scholarship if he/she meets the Free and Reduced qualifications set through their high school or school district.  Students must provide documentation, either through a current letter or card indicating the qualification in order to be eligible to receive this scholarship.

Scholarship Process:

  1. When registering for classes - by clicking on the Class Registration tab at the top of the page - be sure to fill out the form for drivers who are 15-17 years of age.  

  2. After completing the registration form and emailing a scanned copy of your free/reduced letter to S.O.D.E. at info@southernoregondrivered.com, which verifies qualification, please submit payment online under the Scholarship program indicated with the $325 fee. 

  3. Students who submit payment for the scholarship without providing verification will not be eligible and will be responsible for paying the standard $400 fee. 

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship program, please contact us.  We encourage you to apply so more students have access to this critical education that will serve them for a lifetime of safe driving.